sabato 10 marzo 2018

Il Ritorno della Guerriera

Dopo un lungo stop dovuto ad un periodo piuttosto controverso per la mia salute (stop per tutto il 2017) finalmente si torna a percorrere il viaggio di ricerca performativa.

(A)mare Conchiglie – Performance e film di Kyrahm e Julius Kaiser è stato presentato:
·      In Germania il 3 dicembre 2017, dall’ Università di Rostock, presso la Galleria Culturale DIE Beginen;
·      All’Università di Napoli, per il progetto Network Queer (Gennaio 2018);
·      Prende parte al Progetto “Body in Transit” fondato dal Ministero di Economia di Spagna /Gobierno de Espana (Febbraio 2018);

Ecce (H)omo, Guerrieri – Performance e Film di Kyrahm torna nella versione video come opera ospite d’onore al Festival delle Arti di Ferrara presso il Palazzo della Contessa Scroffa (3 Marzo 2018).
Un lavoro intenso, profondo, sulla fragilità umana e la sua forza.
Nella versione performance è stata presentata al Venice International Art Week a cura di VestAndPage, una reunion dei protagonisti dell’arte e della performance storica e recente tra cui Yoko Ono, Marina Abramovic, Bill Viola, Stelarc, ORLAN, Marilyn Arsem. Franko B.

Qui un articolo su Taxidrivers, un’intervista  su Exibart e il trailer su Cinemaitaliano:

lunedì 21 novembre 2016


The III VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK will take place at European Cultural Centre | Palazzo Mora and Palazzo Michiel in Venice, December 10-17, 2016 under the focus Fragile Body – Material Body. It concludes the trilogy project following the first two editions Hybrid Body – Poetic Body and Ritual Body – Political Body that took place in December 2012 (Palazzo Bembo), and in December 2014 (Palazzo Mora and Palazzo Michiel).

The live art exhibition project dedicated to contemporary performance art showcases in its third edition works of over 80 international performance artists from around the globe, some of which are presented in cooperation with prestigious cultural institutions and foundations. Pioneers of this art discipline exhibit and perform alongside established and emerging artists, reflecting influences and current tendencies in the field.

The project consists of an exhibition of performance installations, photographic and video documentation as well as vibrant program of live performances, talks, screenings and meetings with the participating artists, researchers and curators.

For this third edition with the focus Fragile Body – Material Body, the works present physical, mental and spiritual bodies as primary material of artistic expression, aiming to investigate a wide range of concepts pertinent to the art forms of performance art, Live art and Body Art, such as: authenticity, living entities and their relations towards one another; fragility and vulnerability of the individual and of the social relationships; mental and spiritual states rendered through liminal physical and corporeal manifestation; as well as encouraging questions around the post-organic transformations and mutations to which we subject the human body.

The presence of human beings in this world is always more than a temporary condition: the communication that can be triggered between artists and the audience is an essential element. The topics addressed during the week will relate to the need to look at social relations and the lives of individuals with greater care.

Due to the specificity of this edition's theme Fragile Body – Material Body, the live performances and works on display will also seek to provide reflection and further considerations on how to find meaningful mechanisms to foster positive change through contemporary culture and art in a vital way.
The ART WEEK BLOG will be updated daily during the week with reflections, features and interviews by our residence writers.


The word "fragile" is often associated with the locution "handle with care": this is precisely where the III VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK heads, this time around, raising awareness on the precariousness of life through performance art. It is a call to action – to practice a more mindful, careful and respectful behaviour towards the Other, in the words we say, thoughts we think, and things we do. Toying with the paradox of the strength and fragility of our physical bodies, the first requirement here is to step beyond mere appearances and limitations.
Fragility does not only imply negative connotations – it is rather a continuous memento mori for its existence in thoughts, convictions, systems, beliefs, and a reminder to live with full awareness of the complex ephemerality of our times, taking care of all that surrounds us, near and far.
Through the physical body (the primary medium of the practice of performance art), human relationships and their inherent frailty are considered. With frailty comes the potential for destruction and with destruction comes the potential for growth: of the individual, social, political, spiritual and ethical systems.
Proposing de-construction as a necessary tool for development, the word "care" implies real engagement in dealing with an emergency, or to possibly evaluate a given situation from all sides, therefore also reflecting on its potentials and value. Eventually, depending on the conclusions of these evaluations, to "handle with care" can either mean to protect that which is fragile or to courageously engage in transformation, to the point that the only way "to deal with a world so evidently and increasingly unfree, it is to become so absolutely free that our very existence is an act of rebellion... for rebellion cannot exist without a strange form of love." (Albert Camus)


The Thesaurus defines the term "material" as an alternative adjective for the body of a human being, and many historical references in literature indicate the material body as the door to reach the spiritual body, that which has to be transcended in one way or another to reach our spiritual matter.
Reflecting upon the perception of our material bodies to understand and eventually reinforce the spiritual one, is a central question in Oriental religions as well as in the Holy Thursday, when in the garden of Gethsemane, finding his disciples in sleep, Jesus rouses them and warns them by saying: "The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." (Matthew 26:41).
Regardless of the Christian connotation, this sentence is relevant because it states that if the flesh is weak (pars constituent of our material body, which is fragile and destined unavoidably to caducity), the spirit is "willing" (in Greek πρόθυμον = prothemon), desirous to do what is right – that 'right' that we feel, perceive, is also necessary for an ethical formation, as Kant argued in The Critique of Practical Reason (1788).
Influential philosophical investigations (by Aristotle, Hegel, Jung, Watts, to cite a few) that have inquired into the nature of being focusing on the phenomenology of the spirit, up to the latest holistic perspectives and neuroscience researches, seem to agree on the fact that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole, and that it is our material body that tells us (of the need) to nurture our spirit and tune in to its true desires.
In other words, it is like saying that if the spirit tends towards that which is good, true, complete, beautiful, and attainable because of our material body, the continuous metamorphoses that the material body undergoes throughout life (because of its inevitable organic decay, which still lasts long after death), might be even interpreted as evidence of a transcendence from all that is material, and proof of the life-giving shape of the being (itself).
All this can be certainly refutable. Every proposition has its Achilles' heel because "all the propositions say the same thing, to wit nothing" (Ludwig Wittgenstein): the language only comes up to where it can get for "the limits of our language mean the limits of our world." (LW)
What does it mean for a being to be? What is existence? What can be said to exist?
Everything we see could also be otherwise. Everything we can describe at all, could also be otherwise. Perhaps we humans are just a cosmic accident with a very short life span and the world we live in is "all that is the case. This is how things stand." (LW)

Perhaps to act and give essence to what cannot be said, accepting, taking, contrasting, enduring, forsaking, forgiving, passing over or through – with dignified silence – what we cannot speak about but we're aware of, and with it all that is elusive and illusory.
Artists, everyday people – because it makes no difference and there is no diversity – we appear just for what we actually are.
We all mirror each other carrying within us our own ideals, ideas, sufferings, loves, fears, dreams, sensualities and ironies as pure treasures to express and share, shaping together a time-based social sculpture: a creative temporary community which reflects freedom and respects it.
Perhaps to celebrate life.

~ VestAndPage (Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes)

Live performances ECCE (H)OMO, Guerrieri (2016) and Human Installation I: Gender Obsolenscence (2010).
On exhibit the performance film (A)mare Conchiglie (2015); in presentation the short film by Claudio del Signore Drag king, Julia's Dream(2015)documentary Oltre il corpo (2016), featuring VestAndPage, Fioramanti, Kyrahm, Gonzalo Rabanal, Collettivo Cercle and Ron Athey.

Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser, Human Installation I: Gender Obscolescence (2008). Courtesy the artists.

Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser is an Italian artist couple based in Rome, with individual expertise in the fields of visual and performance art, video art, film and LGTB activism. Upon their encounter, they started the project Human Installations, a research comprising contemporary art, live art and avant-garde theatre. In a constant dialogue with cinema, they create works of video art, documentaries and films. Their interest lies on the social function of the artist, existential dynamics, the role of identity, and the experimentation along mental and physical limits and gender roles.
At the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK, they present two live performances: 
ECCE (H)OMO, Guerrieri (2016): "With humbleness I joined these people to expose their bodies and souls, voluntarily presenting themselves and their lived lives. A mother without the right on her baby girl, a woman loving her girlfriend, the courage of the disabled and the pride of age and illness." Every intervention is inspired by a piece of video art in progress: stations of actions on human fragility that involve public performances, as well as intimate moments of the everyday. Written and directed by Kyrahm.
Human Installation I: Gender Obsolenscence (2010): The biological sex as skin. Gender as the sense of being. Path, crossing and transition. Every naked body a story. Distress is tiring, and the flesh is material to be shaped. The rite of dressing up as a turning backwards: the self is revealed. Written and directed by Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser.
Further Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser present on exhibit the performance film (A)mare Conchiglie (2015) and in presentation the short film by Claudio del Signore Drag king, Julia's Dream (2015) as well as the documentary Oltre il corpo (2016), featuring VestAndPage, Fioramanti, Kyrahm, Gonzalo Rabanal, Collettivo Cercle and Ron Athey.



venerdì 26 agosto 2016


Official selection Aesthetica Short Film Festival (BAFTA recognized film festival) 
for Human Installation I: Gender Obsolescence by Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser - 
November 2016, York (UK)

KYRAHM AND JULIUS KAISER have been selected out of thousands of entries to screen HUMAN INSTALLATION I: GENDER OBSOLESCENCE at this year’s Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF), a major UK and BAFTA Qualifying film festival now in its sixth year.

ASFF 2016, which takes place 3-6 November in York, UK, is a celebration of independent filmmaking. It screens 400 short films from across the world in genres spanning drama, animation, comedy, documentary, fashion, music video and more to audiences of filmmakers, industry professionals and film fans.

ASFF invites audiences to journey across the historic city of York and discover new places, transformed through cinema. There are film screenings, events, masterclasses and networking sessions taking place in 15 unique venues across the city centre.

Film screenings start at 10am and continue until late, so there are many opportunities for festival-goers to explore their favourite genre while trying something new. There are also Family Friendly Screenings, enabling adults to engage younger family members in independent cinema.

Cherie Federico, Festival Director, says: “We are thrilled with this year’s Official Selection, which offers a window onto cutting-edge filmmaking practice from around the world. The programme is bigger than ever for the festival’s sixth edition, and we’re delighted so many speakers from leading film organisations are attending to lead masterclasses, network with filmmakers and provide industry insight to audiences.”

Over 25 masterclasses will take place at ASFF 2016, exploring key topics such as directing, editing, camera operation, funding, acting, film criticism, artist’s film, sound design, music, fashion, branded content, production and more.

Speakers include Editor Celia Haining (Misfits, Peaky Blinders, Nightshift and feature films Desert Dancer and Slumdog Millionaire), and Film Critic Simran Hans (The Guardian, Sight & Sound, Little White Lies). Organisations also leading masterclasses are BBC, Industrial Light & Magic, BAFTA winning animators The Brothers McLeod and Blinkink (Harvey Nichols, Channel 4, O2, John Lewis’s The Bear and the Hare) among others.

There will also be the popular Meet the Film Festivals marketplace, where filmmakers can network with programmers from leading UK and international film festivals and find out exactly what they are looking for. Meet the Filmmakers, sponsored by Creative England, also returns, creating a place for audiences to connect with those whose films are in the Official Selection.

Screening Passes range from Single Screening Tickets to One Day and Unlimited Four Day Passes, enabling the festival-goer unlimited access to all film screenings across the four-day event. Screening Passes also permit access to the ASFF 2016 Showcase Screenings, which are an opportunity for pass-holders to see works curated by organisations such as Creative England, Northern Film School, London College of Fashion, Northern Ireland Screen and many more.

Tickets for Masterclasses, Special Events and Networking Sessions are now available. These help filmmakers and film enthusiasts to explore today’s key issues, develop their career, enhance their skills and tune into current opportunities for practitioners working at any level.
Notes to Editors

1.     ASFF 2016 takes place 3 – 6 November in York: @ASFFest #ASFF2016

2.     Screening Passes and Tickets for Masterclasses, Events and Networking are now available:

3.     Films will be screened daily from 10am until approx. 10.30pm

4.     There will also be Family Friendly Screenings and baby screenings

5.     Screening Passes will also permit access to the Showcase Screenings
6.     ASFF film genres include: advertising, animation, artists’ film, comedy, dance, documentary, drama, experimental, fashion, music video and thriller.
7.     Each screening will last approx. 1 – 2 hours
8.     All films are in competition for the following awards: Best of Category, People’s Choice, Festival Winner, Northern Film School Award for Best Screenplay
9.     The ASFF 2016 Jury includes film-world professionals whose expertise span directing, editing, music video production, journalism and film criticism and skills development. Jury members are: Clare Barwell, Head of Film, UCA Farnham and Chair of NAHEMI; Craig McNeil, Director of Creative Projects, Beggars Group; James Stevenson Bretton, Executive Producer, Blinkink; Karen Krizanovich, Journalist and writer; Kathryn Ferguson, Director; Katie Campbell, Skills Development Manager, BAFTA; Larra Anderson, Director, Northern Film School; Lisa Bryer, Producer; Lydia Beilby, Short Film Programmer, Edinburgh International Film Festival; Mark Herman, Director; Peter Hort, Course Director, Film and Television Production, University of Westminster; Rich Warren, Festival Director, Encounters Festival.
10.  Festival partners and supporters include: York St John University, BFI, City of York Council, York Science Park, University of Arts London, Northern Film School at Leeds Beckett University, Grand Central, The Guild of Television Cameramen, Brandy Brown’s Cinema, York Museums Trust, Visit York, York Conferences, Riding Lights, Mosaic Events, According to McGee, New Visuality, Make it York, York Means Business:

venerdì 29 luglio 2016

Drag King, il sogno di Julia selezionato in Guatemala

Il 29 Luglio 2016 Drag King, il sogno di Julia è in proiezione al Centro Universitario Metropolitano per L' Otra Banqueta Film Festival a Guatemala.

un grazie particolare ad Andrea Lade e Federica Tore per la traduzione in spagnolo

domenica 3 luglio 2016

(A)mare Conchiglie al FuoriFestival di Pesaro

I migranti, giunti con un gommone, hanno sorpreso il pubblico presente in spiaggia raccontando le loro storie in una tavolata sospesa in mezzo al mare.
E’ “(A)mare Conchiglie” la performance di Kyrahm e Julius Kaiser, svoltasi ad Anzio nel 2016, che ha coinvolto immigrati nigeriani dai centri di accoglienza ed ex emigrati italiani all’estero.
Un convivio poetico che mette in evidenza i parallelismi tra il nostro passato del dopoguerra e i flussi migratori attuali.
Dalla performance è nato un progetto tra videoarte e docufilm: dopo aver presentato il trailer al MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma ed aver avuto la sua prima mondiale in Svizzera per il Festival del Cinema di Lugano OtherMovie, dal 30 giugno al 9 luglio sarà proiettato a Pesaro per XXXFuoriFestival, rassegna culturale di Video e Arte nella sezione a cura di Giulia Ronchi.
XXX Fuorifestival – Arte, video e altre culture” è una rassegna di arte contemporanea nata con l’intento di proporre una nuova modalità di valorizzazione del territorio, realizzando nel cuore della città una rete di eventi multimediali e installazioni artistiche in spazi pubblici e privati, che coinvolgano il tessuto cittadino.
Spettacoli di videoarte, sound-art e performances multimediali a stretto contatto con il pubblico coinvolgono spazi museali, esercizi commerciali e location temporanee prima e durante i giorni della “Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema di Pesaro”.
L’iniziativa desidera sperimentare una nuova forma di manifestazione, che sappia essere un laboratorio dedicato alle nuove forme artistiche contemporanee. XXXFuorifestival prevede, a questo scopo, l’organizzazione di scambi culturali e progetti site-specific con importanti realtà italiane ed internazionali come enti e musei, fondazioni e gallerie d’arte, scuole e associazioni culturali.
Il progetto interagisce con la città sviluppandosi attraverso strade e piazze, per farne un vero e proprio percorso di eventi culturali. La rassegna si rivolge in questo modo al pubblico della città e ai suoi turisti, rendendoli partecipi del processo artistico, nel segno dell’incontro e dello scambio fra persone, culture e generazioni.
XXX Fuorifestival è lʼoccasione per rivolgere il proprio sguardo al futuro, vivendo la città nel presente.

"Il video è tratto dalla performance live svoltasi ad Anzio nel 2015: Kyrahm e Julius Kaiser, duo artistico che da sempre conferisce alla propria attività artistica grande impegno politico e sociale, hanno cercato per settimane nei centri di accoglienza e nelle strade circostanti persone e storie di migrazioni.
Ambra, il signor Anselmo, i fratelli Gentle, John, Promise, Theo e l’artista Kyrahm si ritrovano cos
ì in mezzo al mare, sul litorale nord di Forte Sangallo, riuniti a convivio e totalmente immersi in un’allegoria suggestiva. Appartenenti a generazioni e luoghi lontani, gli astanti raccontano la loro storia, fatta di difficoltà e drammi familiari, di guerre. Un confronto tra vecchi migranti e odierni immigrati, accomunati dalla ricerca di una prospettiva migliore e dal mare, scenario dei loro racconti e mitigatore delle loro ferite. Questa cronaca di vita vera viene elevata da una forte componente rituale e simbolica: una valigia deposta sugli scogli, il lancio del sale e un canto in sottofondo. Per restituire il mare al mare, e ricordare coloro che non ci sono più. "
XXXFuoriFestival di Pesaro - Dissuasori Mobili a cura di Giulia Ronchi

Ecce (H)omo, Guerrieri - recensioni

Alcuni tra i numerosissimi articoli:

giovedì 16 giugno 2016

“Drag King, il sogno di Julia” selezionato in Korea

Official Selection at 6th Korea Queer Film Festival for "Drag King, Julia's dream" 
June 16 - 19, 2016 in Seoul, South Korea.

Il Film sbarcherà anche a Daegu in occasione del Queer Culture Festival, Korea con proiezione l'8 Luglio 2016